Future Honors Mac Miller During His ‘Tonight Show’ Performance Of ’31 Days’

Mac Miller’s tragic death has prompted a lot of responses from his friends and fans. Members of the music community took to the internet to share initial reactions to the terrible news, Miller’s mother shared an emotional post, and Ariana Grande, who used to date Miller, posted a simple remembrance. Fellow rappers have also taken time out of recent performances to honor Miller, including Childish Gambino and J. Cole. Future was the musical guest on last night’s The Tonight Show, and he too decided to pay tribute to his fallen peer on stage.

Future’s tribute was quick, with him simply saying “R.I.P. Mac Miller” before launching into a performance of “31 Days.” Beyond that, the performance was not a tribute to Miller, but it does speak volumes to how beloved Miller was in the music community. Future’s quick nod is just part of the broad outpouring of condolences after his death, and Miller was also somebody people wanted to be around while he was still with us, as evidenced by the myriad of features strewn across Miller’s discography (Miller and Future previously collaborated on “Earth,” from Miller’s 2013 live album Live From Space).

Watch Future’s performance of “31 Days” above, and find more reactions to Miller’s passing here.