Fans Roast Future For Spelling His Child’s Mother’s Name Wrong In A Thank-You Note

Among rap fans, trap music pioneer Future is notorious for his perceived toxicity — both in his music and in his messier-than-usual personal life. The father of at least seven children among as many women (including R&B star Ciara), Future has developed — and sorta earned — a reputation as a prolific baby daddy who maintains varying degrees of cordiality with the women. However, his noncommital attitude towards women in his music recently apparently seeped into a thank-you note he gave one of them on Instagram, handing fans plenty of fuel with which to roast him on Twitter.

On Monday, Future posted a video clip to Instagram Stories showing off the gift he got from the mother of his three-year-old son Hendrix, Joie Chavis. Flexing with a diamond-covered gold bracelet crafted to read “Hendrix” — both the name of their son and one of Future’s self-given nicknames — Future captioned the video: “Thanks Joy.”

Users were quick to note the typo on Twitter, chuckling that “he ain’t even spell her name right.” Others noted that the expensive-looking gift seemed to imply a closer relationship than the two will admit to, despite rumors that Chavis has been romantically connected with Diddy. We won’t venture into any speculation here; instead, you can check out fans’ reactions to Future’s Christmas gift and his spelling error below.