G Eazy’s New Single ‘Angel’ Is A Poignant Tribute To His Late Mother

Last year, rapper G-Eazy shared on Instagram the tragic news of his mother’s passing. The post was as heartfelt as it was heartbreaking: “The shock still won’t let me accept the feeling that I’ll never get to hug you in person again,” he wrote. Today, he returned with a tribute to her with the song “Angel.”

The track watches the rapper settle into vulnerable territory, showcasing his more emotional music influences; against soft, slow sounds he speaks with patience and earnestness: “Can’t find what my faith is / I been lost in this basement / Keep searching and searching / I must be looking in the wrong places,” he contemplates.

But the song builds and grows hopeful; on the chorus, he sings, “‘Cause I met an angel, an angel.” In an interview with People, he explained: “As I was recording the song, I kept feeling the presence of her energy dancing to the chorus. Her favorite thing in the world was to come to my shows, and smoke her joints and dance to my music when I performed.”

In that same interview, he mentioned that he will be starting a scholarship program in honor of his mother. It will be called the Dandelion Scholarship, and it will reward $15,000 to one US arts major annually. Applications open this summer.

Listen to “Angel” above.