G-Eazy Drops His Pro-Friends With Benefits Track, ‘Still Be Friends,’ With Tyga And Tory Lanez

Earlier this week, G-Eazy threw many Monday mornings off as video of him and Megan Thee Stallion cuddled up arrived on the internet. With many racing to name the two rappers as entertainment’s latest celebrity couple, Meg quickly clarified the situation saying that she was “not f*cking” Mr. Eazy.

Not that it pertains to the lives of most, confusion still ran as to what was really going on between G-Eazy and Meg. While the true story of that early Monday morning may never transpire, G-Eazy took advantage of this week’s events to premiere a new song that somewhat falls in line with the situation.

Teaming up with Tory Lanez and Tyga, the three rappers share “Still Be Friends.” As told by the song’s artwork, G-Eazy looks to satisfy the ladies — or maybe one specific lady — on his latest release. The artwork, extremely reminiscent of a condom wrapper, boasts the claim of “For her pleasure. Guaranteed Satisfaction.”

In addition to the Meg situation, G-Eazy unintentionally found his name in headlines again after Halsey, whom he was in a relationship with until the summer of 2018, took a moment at her recent show to address a crowd member for blurting out the rapper’s name during her set.

Watch the video above to hear the new song.