Is The ‘Bad Blood’ Squad Gearing Up For Summer By Dumping All Their Boyfriends?

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Is it the summer of singledom for Taylor Swift and her #squad? Just a day after it was confirmed that Taylor Swift and her EDM-beau Calvin Harris called it quits after more than a year of dating, fellow squad member Gigi Hadid is reported to have done the same with her boyfriend of a few months Zayn Malik. Calvin now says he just wasn’t into Taylor’s Hollywood lifestyle (even though he’s a continent-hopping and internationally famous DJ that makes $65 million a year) but what’s the reason for Gigi and Zayn’s split so soon after? The model and singer have been dating for a much shorter time period than their famous friends, that’s for sure, and breakups do happen all the time. But the timing here is so strange as to be suspicious.

No self-respecting famous couple goes through a high-profile breakup without getting as long a media cycle as possible. That’s called “we might be in a fake relationship for the press” 101. We’re not implying anything here by saying Zayn and Gigi’s time together perfectly spanned the period from just before his album launch to the start of summer, but that’s exactly what it did. So if there were ulterior motives for the relationship in the first place, then why follow the end of Taylor’s love story so closely? Isn’t a solid showing in the press the most important part of being a famous 20-something who gets millions of likes just for posting an Instagram of a your significant other holding a cat?

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