Giveon Finds A New Kind Of Love In His Scenic ‘Stuck On You’ Video

Giveon is continuing his prolific year. The world was introduced to the singer after he was featured in Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle” and shortly thereafter, the crooner dropped the 8-track EP Take Time. Last week, only a little over six months later, Giveon offered even more music in the form of his When It’s All Said And Done EP. Now, the singer follows up his EP release with an eye-catching visual accompanying the project’s closer, “Stuck On You.”

Much like his previous videos, Giveon’s “Stuck On You” visual offers a slice-of-life perspective of the singer’s music. Directed by Alexander Black and shot on 16mm film, the visual opens with Giveon privately reflecting on a relationship he can’t seem to shake. The remainder of the visual gives snippets of good time he’s had with his lover, like taking walks on the beach and sharing quiet mornings.

Speaking to Apple Music about the song, Giveon offered some insight into his creative direction. “I kind of wanted it to start off a little less healthy,” he said about “Stuck On You.” “It’s short, but it doesn’t sound very healthy. Within like the 30 seconds that I’m singing in the intro, I say, ‘I called you five times. I quit. I’m going to stop trying.’ And I say, ‘I’m going to be the best that you had.’ So I wanted to open the project with a tone of frustration and kind of more toxic and in denial, because most breakups that I see aren’t a smooth transition like that. So I wanted to keep it realistic and just start the project with frustration and bitterness.”

When It’s All Said And Done is out now via Epic. Get it here.