Gunna Denied Dating Chloe And Said He Was Flattered By Rihanna’s Halloween Costume

Gunna is over a year removed from his last album — 2020’s well-received Wunna — but his name has been all the buzz in the past few weeks thanks to singers Chloe Bailey and Rihanna. Gunna went viral two separate times in the past month: once, when Rihanna dressed up as him for Halloween, and again, when he and Chloe were photographed at an NBA game, sparking rumors that the two were dating (and a bizarre fascination with Chloe drinking a Dasani water bottle).

On the red carpet at last night’s American Music Awards hosted by Cardi B, Billboard caught up with the YSL rapper to check in and get the scoop on his latest viral moments. Of Rihanna’s Halloween costume, he recalled his reaction to seeing the photos, saying, “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, the GOAT just went in my closet and got dressed.’I couldn’t believe it, but I was very, very flattered and honored. I ain’t know where it came from, you know what I’m saying? Nobody ever dressed like me.”

Meanwhile, he shot down the Chloe dating rumor, explaining that the two are friends and revealing that they’d worked on music, as well. “We’re not dating,” he said. “That was just like a date, though, where you just go to the game and catch a vibe. But she’s my friend. We went to the studio after and locked in, she’s very creative. She’s very talented. And you will be seeing us more… We did two songs, but I think she might want to use it for her album, or I might take it for my album, but who knows? We definitely got new music coming up for sure.”

You can watch the interview below.