A Guns N’ Roses Fan Claims He Got Word From Axl Rose That A Whole Tour Is In The Cards

Dreaming of seeing the modified classic lineup of Guns N’ Roses, but can’t make it to Coachella, Vegas or Mexico? Depending on how much stock you put in one fan’s report, the rumors of a proper tour might be true.

A fan bumped into frontman Axl Rose in Atlanta and shared a pic of his run-in on Instagram. Mark Guglielmo noted in the comments that when he talked to the Guns N’ Roses lead singer, he got word that the band would be hitting the road for a bit of a stretch.

“When I wished him luck on the upcoming ‘few shows,’ he said ‘thanks man but we’re gonna do a whole tour.'”

The fan also shared that he didn’t want to spread rumors, but noticed that Rose looked like he’d be working out a lot and “his arms looked muscular.” There was a bit of talk about Rose’s appearance in the comments of the Instagram post, but most of that swirled around what appeared to be a tattoo tweak.

Way back in the halcyon days of 2015, Billboard reported that a possible stadium tour was in the works for Guns N’ Roses with a 25 date run eyed for the summer. If Axl and his new pal Mark’s interaction sparks added optimism that such a thing is in the works, bust out the confetti! But don’t forget, Axl Rose has a certain philosophy regarding confirmed things.

(via Alternative Nation)