Halsey Responds To Backlash Over Her Defense Of Quavo, And Clarifies Her Stance

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Earlier today, we reported on Halsey’s comments about working with Quavo of Migos, who has been involved with homophobic comments and controversy before. In the interview with The Guardian she said she thought Quavo was misunderstood, and unequipped to be politically correct.

After some backlash from fans for letting him off the hook that easily, the singer followed up with more context about her relationship to the rapper, and the fact that she wasn’t aware of these situations when they worked together. And honestly, these stories may not have even broken before she had already finished the collab.

Either way, here’s her extended thoughts as a queer artist, with a lot of queer fans, and working with another artist who has made disparaging comments:

Frankly, it’s awesome to watch a pop star readily admit when she didn’t speak in the way that might’ve been most beneficial, and openly and honestly acknowledge fan criticism. Furthermore, she does have a good point when it comes to Quavo and Migos, who really are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to hip-hop’s interaction with queer communities. Kudos to Halsey for publicly acknowledging her mistake, apologizing, showing empathy, and moving on. This whole situation shows a whole hell of a lot of self-awareness, and is an example that some other more short-sighted pop stars could learn from.