Ice Spice’s Debut Super Bowl Commercial Will Show Off The Rapper’s Sweet Side With A Soda Partnership

Taylor Swift’s domination of NFL coverage has sprouted a new subset of at-home viewers. While avid football fans are excited to watch the epic sports showdown at this year’s Super Bowl, others are tuning in for a different genre of entertainment: Some non-sports fans’ interest in the evening is Usher’s halftime show performance. The other remaining curiosity is lasered in on what witty commercials are set to air throughout the broadcast.

Today (January 9), Billboard exclusively revealed that “In Ha Mood” rapper Ice Spice has been tapped for a coveted advertisement slot. As Starry’s newest celebrity ambassador, Ice Spice will lend her likeness to the company for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial. You might recall Ice Spice’s signature drink deal with Dunkin last year, but this is quite different.

Instead of formulating a new beverage concoction, Ice Spice will simply sit pretty as she sips on PepsiCo’s newest lemon-lime soda, which was introduced in 2023. This national coverage is just the fizz she needs going into the promotion of her forthcoming debut studio album. A representative for the company referred to the partnership with Ice Spice as “a no-brainer.”

“Ice Spice’s charm and charisma are unmatched, making her the perfect fit for the brand’s first Super Bowl commercial,” read the statement.

Ice Spice echoed that in her note shared with Billboard. “I’m hyped to star in the first-ever STARRY Super Bowl commercial,” she said. “Trust me. STARRY is a vibe.