Ice Spice Lets Her Ex Down Easy In The Rapper’s Debut Super Bowl Commercial With The Help Of Starry

Oh, how time flies. Valentine’s Day is next week. However, not everyone will be spending their night cuddled up. “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” rapper Ice Spice had to remind a former flame of this sad fact. In her debut Super Bowl commercial, Ice Spice enjoys a beautiful night out with her newfound love, Starry.

As Ice Spice is showered with love by the beverage company’s digital avatars, her ex rudely interrupts the trio. In the teaser for the ad slot, viewers were left wondering who would make an onscreen cameo. But as the camera pans to the mystery man, the reveal is silly yet disappointing.

The crushed lover is actually one of Starry’s competitors. The actors’ blurred hoodie makes it hard to determine whether that’s Sprite or 7UP. Ice Spice isn’t a stranger to beef in her music, so Starry picked the right ambassador for their war for the No. 1 soda spot.

In a statement, the brand praised their star. “Ice Spice’s charm and charisma are unmatched, making her the perfect fit for the brand’s first Super Bowl commercial,” read the statement.

Ice Spice expressed the same feelings to Billboard. “I’m hyped to star in the first-ever Starry Super Bowl commercial,” she said. “Trust me. starry is a vibe.

Watch the full commercial above.