Iggy Azalea Didn’t Fancy Stans Sharing False Reports Of Her OnlyFans Earnings

Last month, Iggy Azalea revealed her “Hotter Than Hell” OnlyFans project. Through “Hotter Than Hell,” Azalea shares music, illustrations, poetry, photography, and videos encompassing sexuality, and nodding to the concept of the centerfold model.

This week, a since-deleted tweet from popular stan Twitter account @ThePopTingz reported (per HotNewHipHop) that Azalea’s “Hotter Than Hell” project had garnered her over $4.2 million in profits since its launch. This number was said to have come from Azalea’s makeup artist, however, Azalea quickly shut these rumors down.

“FALSE. That isn’t a real tweet. No one on my team would EVER do that,” she said in a tweet responding to the claim. “Y’all really need to stop lying! it’s not the way earning on onlyfans works stat wise. You can’t earn ALL THAT in subscriptions & yet only $512 dollar in messages.”

It doesn’t seem like Azalea plans to share her earnings anytime soon — or possibly ever. But if she does, she expects for her revenue to put her among the world’s top earners.

“Just know if I ever discuss what I earn it will be in Forbes,” she continued. “With loveeeeee!”

In addition to new music and “Hotter Than Hell,” Azalea plans to put out a coffee-table book by the end of this year, with images from the OnlyFans project.