Is Morgan Wallen Featured On Drake’s ‘You Broke My Heart?’

Today (December 20), Drake treated fans to a music video for “You Broke My Heart,” a highlight from the recently released Scary Hours Edition of his For All The Dogs album. And there are some serious surprises.

Is Morgan Wallen Featured On Drake’s “You Broke My Heart?”

While Morgan Wallen is not featured on the song itself, viewers who started the music video will find the country singer having dinner with Drake. The two discuss the ways they were hurt by their exes but have no idea what else is in store.

Drake and Wallen go to head home from the restaurant, only to be blown up as the car explodes. The two women that play their exes then carry the rest of the video doing a lip-sync to the track.

Before Wallen’s appearance in the video, it didn’t seem he had much of a relationship with Drake. He previously took over Drake’s record of the most simultaneous entries on the Billboard Hot 100. And there was a Delaware DJ who made a viral mashup of Wallen’s “Thinking About Me” with Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” (which features Drake). But that was the closest the two came in the news to interacting… Until now.

Check out the video for Drake’s “You Broke My Heart” above.