Who Are The Women In Drake’s ‘You Broke My Heart’ Video?

Drake’s got a fun habit of making videos that sort of don’t match the themes. For instance, the “Polar Opposites” video features Drake hanging out with a bunch of old guys, the “First Person Shooter” video has Michael Jackson dancing but not much in the way of gaming, and in “Another Late Night,” Drake and Lil Yachty seem to be celebrating Christmas two months early. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his “You Broke My Heart” video, which dropped today after some light teasing last night, barely even features Drake — or his explicable co-star, Morgan Wallen.

Instead, two women take the spotlight after arranging an explosion that takes the two stars out of the equation, then perform Drake’s lyrics themselves as the world responds to the chaos in a stunning, “one-take” video. So, who are these two women, who are credited as the stars in the credits? As the credits begin, the two women are credited as Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris. Searches on Instgram, TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter (never calling it “X”) yield no reliable results for either woman’s name (they ARE pretty common names, after all) or how they are connected to Drake.

While their identities remain unclear at this time, starring in the video is sure to put both names on the map in short order. After all, Drake’s co-sign has helped draw attention to a number of artists, actors, and models who get attached to him (there’s even a pretty good SNL sketch about it). We’ll probably find out who these women are soon enough.

Update: And just like that, now we know. Drake himself linked to the women’s accounts in a post about the video on Instagram.

In the third slide, Drake tagged the two actresses. Neither has much Instagram history, but judging from some of the comments, Drake began following them sometime in October (heh) after they attended his tour stop in Los Angeles. They also both posted about being in the video, thanking Drake for the opportunity.