Isaiah Rashad Experiences Some Paranormal Activities In His Eerie ‘THIB’ Video

TDE rapper Isaiah Rashad is currently on tour promoting his new album The House Is Burning, but that didn’t stop him from continuing the other part of promoting an album — releasing a new music video. This time, the eerie “THIB” video turns the title track into a darkly surreal thriller, as Rashad wakes to a spooky rumbling that turns into an explosion, leaving his house… well, burning. From there, Rashad wanders the nighttime neighborhood, hovering above the action like a ghost and taking in the odd, paranormal goings-on of his quiet cul-de-sac.

The release of The House Is Burning ended a nearly-five-year hiatus for the Chattanooga rapper during which he struggled with addiction, going broke, wrecking his boss’s car, and getting clean. When he did come back, he brought with him the rowdy Memphis rapper Duke Duece for the exuberant return single “Lay Wit Ya.” And while his new album naturally features appearances from his TDE cohorts like Schoolboy Q, who appeared in the reflective video for “Runnin’,” Rashad also helped introduce newcomer Doechii with “Wat U Sed” and linked up with a superstar in the form of Lil Uzi Vert on “From The Garden.”

Watch Isaiah Rashad’s “THIB” video above and read Uproxx’s full review of the album here.