J. Prince Called Tekashi6ix9ine A ‘Rat,’ Saying The Rapper Lied About A Robbery In Court

Tekashi 6ix9ine took the stand in court to testify in his trial for federal racketeering charges. The rapper has name-dropped several members of his crew in court, leading to accusations of being a snitch. Rap-A-Lot Records executive J. Prince feels much the same, calling him a “rat” in an Instagram post Friday, saying he lied under oath about a robbery involving Prince’s representatives.

Prince included a snippet of a 2018 interview in his lengthy post. “I told y’all about this clown #takashi69 that if he keeps campaigning with dumb shit that he was gonna get elected!” he started. “Election Day has come and now I’m hearing lies he’s telling under oath about robbing me or representatives of #Rapalot.” Prince went on to explain the specificities of an alleged robbery brought up in court.

According to 6ix9ine’s testimony, the rapper had his crew jump members of Rap-A-Lot in the lobby of a building, as reported by TMZ. Allegedly, he was denied entrance to a Rap-A-Lot gig in Houston because he didn’t “check-in.” As retaliation, 6ix9ine and his fellow Nine Treys gang members allegedly planned an assault, waiting in a parking lot while several associates pulled off an armed robbery and leaving the scene with several chains and wallets.

J. Prince, however, disputes these claims. “Let me just make myself clear, if him or any of those clowns were to try to rob me or anyone from the #Rapalot family bad news would’ve beat them home,” he wrote. Prince clarified that 6ix9ine was turned away from the Houston gig. “Let this be a lesson to those who know better to do better because there was never a question mark in my mind that this kid #takashi69 was rat material that’s why my sons didn’t allow him to come into their party,” Prince wrote. “It was never about a rat checking in with us.”