Jay-Z Grants The World Another Meme-Worthy Moment After His Drink Got Spilled On Him

For the third consecutive game, Jay-Z could be found courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game, attending the team’s matchup against the Miami Heat, which they lost 93-106. His appearance shouldn’t be a surprise as he’s attended many of their games over the past few years. But a funny moment involving him occurred during the game, and thankfully it was caught on camera.

Jay was speaking to someone to the right of him when a woman sat beside him and accidentally spilled his drink on him. A surprised look can be found on his face as he dries himself while the woman celebrates what seemed to be an exciting moment in the game. It turns out the woman in question is Clara Wu Tsai, who is also a co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets as well as a businesswoman, philanthropist, criminal justice activist, and member of Jay’s REFORM Alliance, which he formed with Meek Mill, who was also sitting with them at the game.

Recently Jay-Z and his team Roc organization recently helped raise $1 million to look into a wrongful conviction in Kansas County. He’s also preparing for the release of The Harder We Fall, a film that he executive produced. The soundtrack to the movie will also feature a collaboration between him and Kid Cudi entitled “My Guns Go Bang.”