Brooklyn’s Finest? Jay-Z Invests $16.5 Million In A Robot Pizza Truck Company

If you’ve been to a Costco in recent years, perhaps you’ve found yourself mesmerized by the robotic pizza sauce wheel in the food court. The way the pizza wheel spins as sauce gets squirted evenly onto the dough in a series of concentric circles is hypnotic. Well Jay-Z and his Marcy Venture Partners company are taking it a step further than just sauce. That’s because Jay-Z and the venture capital fund just became the lead investor in a new fully-robotic pizza making truck company called Stellar Pizza, to the tune of a $16.5 million Series A investment.

This is quite the leap of faith for the Brooklyn product and Jay-Z must really be sold on the quality of pizza being churned out by the Stellar Pizza bot, which was designed by SpaceX engineers. Orders are place through an app, the pizza truck robot receives it, makes the entire pizza toppings and all, and a human cuts and boxes the pie, all in about five minutes, according to Rolling Stone. Prices are said to cost $7 for cheese and $8 for pepperoni.

Stellar is based in Los Angeles and their website says that the company is, “Launching in Fall 2022.” It looks as though they’re targeting the college crowd for starters, as one of the Stellar Pizza Trucks will be debuting on the USC campus over Halloween weekend.

Marcy Venture Partners is beginning to build it’s investment portfolio. Last year, the company invested in NFT marketplace Bitski, and also claims Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingeries line as one of its investments.