Jay-Z Continues His Ventures Into Fashion With His New Moncler X Roc Nation Collection, That Truly, Only A Billionaire Can Afford

Jay-Z continues to expand his extensive portfolio. Today (January 24), his latest collection for Moncler Genius, which arrives as a partnership between fashion house Moncler and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation brand launched through the official Moncler site and via select stores.

The Moncler X Roc Nation collection features large puffed jackets, sweaters, two-piece ensembles, streamlined vests, all of which contain an New York-inspired flair. Many of these fashions may require you to break the bank. The least expensive item in the collection is a t-shirt with the Moncler X Roc Nation logo, which goes for $345. The priciest item is the bomber jacket, which comes in at the tune of $2,405. But thankfully, there’s free shipping! All of the clothes were designed by Jay himself.

Perr Moncler’s website, Moncler X Roc Nation “symbolizes creativity without limits, pooling experience and ambition from shared yet vastly varied points of interest, for a collection that epitomizes the sentiment that genius is everywhere.”

The news arrives with a special trailer shared to Moncler’s social media channels. The trailer was produced by The McGloughlin Brothers, and is narrated by R&B artist Saint Jhn.

“We climb mountains over hard paths,” says Saint Jhn in the clip. “From hard places, climb above the noise to find your voice. Until there is only sky above you. Genius is everywhere.”

The Moncler X Roc Nation collection arrives lest than a year after Jay’s The Art Of All audio/visual experience, which he created with Moncler and revealed at last year’s London Fashion Week.

You can see a preview clip introducing Moncler X Roc Nation above.