Jay-Z Was Apparently Reading At A 12th Grade Level Way, Way Before He Actually Reached That Age

Jay-Z is one of the most loved and respected rappers in hip-hop history. That’s not a level you can really achieve without being extremely comfortable and proficient with language; A few years ago, he became the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, a testament to his linguistic abilities. The way Jay tells it, it turns out he has had advanced language skills ever since childhood.

Last month, portions of Jay’s recent interview with Gayle King aired on CBS Mornings, but yesterday (November 14), an extended cut of the conversation was shown on CBS in the special Jay-Z And Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own. During the chat, King asked if there were any particular teachers that influenced Jay as a boy, and he responded, “So Ms. Loudon was my sixth grade teacher. In the sixth grade, I was reading on a 12th grade level. […] And that excited me because everyone was excited. And Ms. Loudon, she was excited. I remember the feeling of it felt like me riding my bike at four, the way people reacted to that.”

The full Jay-Z And Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own special, by the way, is currently streaming on Paramount+, so check that out here.