Jay-Z Delivers Words Of Advice To Kids With ‘Dreams Of Being Successful’

Jay-Z has a long list of accomplishments, going back for into his career. That makes him more than worthy to hand out advice to those who want to be as successful as he is. That’s exactly what he did during a recent interview. Jazlyn a.k.a. Jazzy, an 11-year-old reporter from Brooklyn who’s previously interviewed celebrities like Nas, Derek Jeter, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and more, asked Hov to share some tips for youngters who have “dreams of being successful like you.” And Jay gave them some.

“Believe in yourself, even before anyone else believes in you,” Jay replied. “You’ve got to have ultimate confidence like you do. You’re very confident. And just believe in yourself.” Jazzy shared the interaction on Instagram and promised that part two of their encounter would arrive at some point on Friday, November 5.

The interview comes after Jay-Z rejoined Instagram for the first time in six years to promote The Harder They Fall, a film he co-executive produced. Soon after, he became the only person that his wife Beyonce follows on Instagram. Jay returned the follow and also made Beyonce the only person he follows on the app.

You can watch a clip of Jazzy’s interview with Jay-Z above.