Jennifer Lopez Debuted A New Song, ‘This Is Me…Now,’ In A Rosy Pink ‘SNL’ Performance

In her second performance of the night, Jennifer Lopez debuted new music on the Saturday Night Live stage. Ahead of her upcoming album, This Is Me…Now, Lopez premiered the album’s title track.

The song, which serves as the opener on This Is Me…Now, is downtempo ballad, on which, Lopez basks in the joy of her rekindled love with her now-husband, Ben Affleck.

“You met me halfway / Growing pains, broke some chains in every chapter / Now we know what it takes for our ever after / Took some lefts, now we’re right here where we are,” sings Lopez in the song’s opening verse.

Having made a loving reconnection, Lopez realizes that Affleck has helped her love herself even more.

“This is me now / And I took my time / Lot of winters summers baby / And I healed my heart / But I love who I am lately / This is me now,” sings Lopez on the song’s chorus.

While on stage, Lopez was dressed in pink roses, symbolizing a blissful new chapter — a brand new era of love and happiness, with the person she never stopped thinking about.

You can watch the performance of “This Is Me…Now” above.

This Is Me…Now is out 2/16 via BMG. Find more information here.