JID Explains His Name And His Unique Style In A Revealing Ad For Reebok

JID is all about redefining classics in his new Reebok spot explaining his style inspirations and revealing how he got his name. The burgeoning Dreamville star posts up in the Atlanta neighborhoods he calls home and he shows off his impressive collection of gold jewelry, gives the camera a tour of his studio, and struts in the latest kicks from the iconic shoe brand.

“My style is probably an accumulation of different crazy ideas I came up with,” he explains. “I’m super inspired by the old-school. You have to take the authenticity of what they already created and reflect it in your own.” As for his name, he says his grandmother bequeathed him with the label “jittery,” which in her Southern accent sounded like it was spelled with a “j-i-d,” hence, “JID.”

JID is only the latest rapper to endorse Reebok; the brand has also worked with Swizz Beatz, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Yachty, and Future (they really seem to like those Atlanta guys). JID also contributed an original song to a recent Jordan Brand campaign for Russell Westbrook’s latest model as well.

Rappers and shoe companies have gotten tighter than ever since Kanye’s collaborations with both Nike and Adidas exploded in popularity, but it’s always important that the collaborations make sense. In JID’s case, it just might.