Jon Batiste And Lana Del Rey Reunite For The Emotional Piano Ballad ‘Life Lesson’

Jon Batiste‘s new album World Music Radio is out now. The highly anticipated record has tons of features, such as “Be Who You Are” with JID, NewJeans, and Camilo, as well as the closing track “Life Lesson” with Lana Del Rey, who unveiled her new album Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd earlier this year.

The piano-driven ballad finds the singers trading off verses. Lana sings of a relationship complicated by a power imbalance and subsequent resentment: “I read an article about a star who said that standing / In the shadow of her husband felt so dark / Reminded me of you and I because / That’s very much the way our story was.”

The two collaborated earlier this year for “Candy Necklace.”

Batiste also recently covered Taylor Swift’s “Sweet Nothing.” “I just went to the Taylor Swift concert and it would be fun to do something with Taylor,” he said. “She was nice enough to invite us and give us tickets to one of her MetLife Stadium shows over Memorial Day weekend, and I’d love to work with any of the living legends, you know, any folks that I can learn something from — even if we don’t put it out.”

Listen to “Life Lesson” above.

World Music Radio is out now via Verve/Interscope. Find more information here.