Lana Del Rey Is Wrapped In A ‘Candy Necklace’ As She Channels Hollywood’s Golden Icons In Her New Video

Lana Del Rey is going back to her roots with a vintage Hollywood vibe for her new music video for “Candy Necklace,” the fourth single from the pop star’s recent record, Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

Directed by Rich Lee, the visual is ten minutes long and finds Del Rey pulling inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and the crime story of Elizabeth Short. It opens with her being filmed in a car on a movie set, but plays with the fourth wall, as she can be heard talking to the cast and crew. Whether it’s a real-life glimpse of the video’s filming process or her playing herself as a scripted movie star is up to the viewers to decide.

Jon Batiste, who is featured on the track, also makes an appearance in the video. The duo film scenes together on a balcony, looking absolutely glamorous in a mansion with chandeliers and fancy outfits. He also plays piano in several of the scenes.

As the video continues, Del Rey continues to change hair and makeup looks, even possibly nodding to the style of her Born To Die era — but with the B&W moodiness of Ultraviolence. By the end, the color incorporates its way in, as she is receiving a pretend star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, while dressed in a Sharon Tate ’60s-style outfit.

Check out Del Rey’s “Candy Necklace” video above.