The Director Of Four Taylor Swift Music Videos Is Teasing Her Imminent Return

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It seems pretty clear that we are due for a new…something from Taylor Swift, and very soon at that. Recently, the pop star deleted pretty much everything she’s ever tweeted from existence, and today, uploaded a small clip of what may or may not be a snake’s tail. Compounding the evidence are the tweets from Joseph Kahn, who has directed four Taylor videos thus far in his career, including “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Out of the Woods.” It stands to reason that if anyone were to know anything about Swift’s plans, it would be him.

Kahn kicked off the speculation earlier by tying in Taylor’s possible plans with the massive solar eclipse that has been dominating everyone’s social media feeds all day long.

Then, fearing that his warning might cause some people to stare directly at the sun, he shared a quick reminder that that is terribly bad idea.

Then, he pulled the old, just kidding about the entire thing

But was he just kidding? Should we take his tweets “literally, metaphorically, alliteratively, seriously, or ironically?” Maybe. Put together with a whole host of other evidence we’ve gotten thus far, including an accidental slip by her friend Ed Sheeran earlier this year, it certainly seems like we are on the precipice of Swift season once again.