DJ Snake And Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’ Video Is A Trop-House ‘Drive’

The best thing about “Let Me Love You,” the ultra-breezy collaboration between DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, is its sense of familiarity. You feel like you’ve heard it before on the first listen because it’s so spiritually close to DJ Snake’s work with Major Lazer and Bieber’s “Sorry.”

That’s not a bad thing. Pop music is mostly giving us what we want again, but slightly different. And when your source material is as good as “Lean On” and Album of the Year contender Purpose, there’s no shame in a bit of rehashing. Clearly that spirit of making the old new again was in the air when the time came to make the music video, as the clip plays like a version of Drive where songs about actual human beans are replaced with the sweet sounds of 2015.

The robber couple at the center of the clip make off with a bunch of money and make several decisions that would get them quickly executed in any art-house-y film full of shiny jackets worth its salt, but their goofy decisions make a bit more sense after the reveal toward the end of the video, which I won’t spoil here. Check it out up top.