The Case For Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ As The Grammy’s Album Of The Year

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11.02.16 29 Comments

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I’m about to make a statement that will make a lot of you irrationally angry. It’s the sort of declaration that people will remember me making and use it to question my tastes and abilities forever more. But it’s one that needs to be said:

Justin Bieber‘s Purpose deserves the Album of the Year Grammy.

If we were able to think rationally and examine this statement without our own feelings mucking things up then there’d be no argument. Of course, Bieber’s latest deserves Album of the Year. It’s wildly successful. It’s representative of the sound of pop radio in the last year, fully encapsulating many of our biggest trends like trop-house and the rise of dancehall-pop. And it comes with a “teen-pop star breaks away to make serious music” narrative that music types just love *winks at Justin Timberlake*.

I can feel you guys squirming at the idea. But you’re letting your own preconceived notions get in the way. There are plenty of reasons why Purpose definitely deserves to be this year’s big winner.

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