Snoop Dogg, Usher, And Ludacris Hop On Justin Bieber’s New ‘Peaches’ Remix

Following the success of his chart-topping hit “Peaches,” Justin Bieber recruited two of Georgia’s finest, Ludacris and Usher — plus, “ambassador of legalization” Snoop Dogg — for an all-star remix of the song he recently performed during the season finale of The Voice.

The remix starts off with Luda in slowed-down love declaration mode. The Georgia State alum (Luda majored in music management) ladles out goopy come-ons, like: “All these candy-coated kisses, you my strawberry shortcake / That ass’ll make me catch a charge and miss the court day / Sweet as honeydew, watch me kneel right in front of you.”

Bieber hands the next verse off to his mentor, Usher, who moved to Atlanta with his family as a teenager to pursue a singing career. “She from Decatur so she got little attitude / She do what she wanna do,” Usher croons. During the part when he sings “I bought a flight, I need her with me / On the west side, she’ll be here tonight,” Usher’s tight, breathy harmonies make the song — they always do.

Snoop Dogg closes out the remix with his signature Yoda-like bars: “Land of the tree, home is the base / Kush in my woods, smokin’ with grace.” It’s delightfully Snoop. The only rapper who can get away with rapping about the virtues of California zen — “a lot of money, weed, and patience” — in a song about a different state altogether.

“Peaches” is the fifth single from Bieber’s album sixth studio album, Justice. When the album was released last March, it made Bieber the first male solo singer to debut at No. 1 on both song and album charts simultaneously. Bieber’s Justice World Tour launches in February 2022.

Check out the “Peaches” remix above.