Kamaiyah Announced Her New Album ‘Figuring Out My Emotions,’ And It Drops Later This Week

Kamaiyah has been cooking. Today (May 14), the Oakland rapper she is dropping a new album, Figuring Out My Emotions, later this week.

Figuring Out My Emotions appears to be a fairly short album, with only eight tracks — including “No Pressure,” which dropped earlier this month. The album was executive produced by Kamaiyah herself, along with producer Quakebeatz.

Kamaiyah has many projects to her credit, her most recent being 2023’s Another Summer Night. Figuring Out My Emotions arrives just six months after Another Summer Night, but maintaining a consistent output has always been part of her plan.

In an interview with KQED, Kamaiyah said she is moving in the ways the industry is evolving.

“I don’t want to ever get complacent … because the way the industry is thriving right now is volume,” said Kamaiyah. “It’s not the ’90s or early 2000s, like, nobody is catching a hit that lasts for a fucking year anymore. People’s attention spans are so short. If you got the attention, keep it. And only way you keep it is more shit in their face. It’s got to be organic.”

You can see the Figuring Out My Emotions cover art and track list below.

Keep It Lit

1. “Be Mine”
2. “Can’t Lose”
3. “DND”
4. “Link Wit Me”
5. “One & Only”
6. “No Pressure”
7. “Success”
8. “Winter Blues”

Figuring Out My Emotions is out 5/17 via Keep It Lit. Find more information here.