Kamaiyah Wants An Apology From YG For Things He Said When She Left His 4Hunnid

Kamaiyah wants an apology from YG, her “Why You Always Hatin?” collaborator and former business partner, for things he said when she left his label, 4Hunnid Records. Despite being a XXL Freshman in 2017, Kamaiyah felt that 4Hunnid wasn’t the most supportive environment, leading to a falling out that dissolved their working relationship. The Bay Area rapper recounted the situation and expressed her wish for an amicable resolution in a recent interview.

“It’s just like, I’m not gon’ flourish here. If I stay here, I’m not gon’ ever be what I’m supposed to be and reach my maximum,” Kamaiyah said. “This ain’t a fit for me. It ain’t what I envisioned myself being.” She explained that although she tried to “stay loyal” to YG, the circumstances surrounding her departure from 4Hunnid have left the two on the outs — she said they haven’t been on speaking terms since, and explained that she won’t even try to reconcile unless she receives an apology. While she doesn’t share what was said between the two, she remains adamant on the apology.

“There was some things said that until you rectify and apologize, I feel like, ‘What’s the point in me having a conversation?'” she elaborated. “”‘Cause then, I’m pacifying your actions. And me being a woman and a queen that stand on my word I felt like you gotta be a man and stand on yours and apologize for some off the things that was said and done.”

Since then, Kamaiyah secured a release from Interscope and independently released her album Got It Made. YG, meanwhile, signed a new rapper to 4Hunnid, Day Sulan, whose Rubi Rose collaboration “Big” has become a sensation due to its racy video.