Kanye West Honored Nipsey Hussle With A Special ‘Sunday Service’ Performance

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In the week since Nipsey Hussle passed away, there have been numerous tributes to the Los Angeles rapper. Rappers and NBA players took to Twitter to offer quick reactions (J.R. Smith even got a tattoo), Jay-Z’s Tidal prominently featured all of Hussle’s albums, YG delayed a surprise album out of respect for Hussle, LA gangs had a unity meeting in his honor, and all of that is just some of of the ways Hussle has been honored in recent days. Now Kanye West has added himself to the list of those who has paid tribute to Hussle, as he did so at this weekend’s Sunday Service performance.

In the introduction of one song, Kanye used a recording of Hussle offering words of encouragement, saying, “Just wanted to send some words of encouragement. Y’all stay focused, y’all keep working hard. Believe in y’all self. Prove everybody that doubts y’all wrong. Show up every day. Stay pure. […] Stay motivated. Stay smart. Show love to your people.” The choir then launched into a choral, organ-backed hymn.

At the same performance, North West spent some time in the spotlight: During the choir’s performance of Stevie Wonder’s “As,” Kanye’s 5-year-old daughter confidently took the mic and sang on the track.

Watch Kanye’s tribute to Hussle above, and watch North West step behind the mic below.