Nicki Minaj Fans Are Convinced Her ‘Hard White’ Video Contains A Scorpion-Smashing Shot At Drake

Nicki Minaj released the artsy video for her latest Queen single “Hard White” today and some of her fans are convinced that it contains a sly shot at her former fast friend and Young Money labelmate Drake (who she also unfollowed on Instagram last month). At the 1:30 mark of the video above, a quick image of a scorpion being dismembered flashes across the screen as Nicki declares that she “got these b*tches shook, they shocked, no stun gun.”

Of course, Scorpion was the title of Drake’s most recent album which released June 29 of last year, just about a month before Nicki’s release of Queen on August 10. While both albums received lukewarm critical reception overall, Drake’s “In My Feelings” became a huge hit after it was included in a viral dance meme and sales remained high through most of the year. Queen, on the other hand, had a hard time gaining traction, prompting an angry response from Nicki on her Queen Radio Beats 1 show. However, the real reason for their falling out may have more to do with Drake patching up his beef with Nicki’s former flame Meek Mill, bringing him out onstage during a tour stop in Boston and appearing on the Philly rapper’s album Championships in November.

While Drake did include a reference to Nicki on Scorpion, its relative ambiguity left it open to interpretation. Nicki fans have also interpreted a shot of a dead bird in “Hard White” as a subtle jab at her continued rivalry with Cardi B, along with a shot of a phonograph as a dart aimed at the Grammys committee for failing to acknowledge her album. Check out more of the responses below.