Kanye West’s Airplane Edition Of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Is Backed By The Sunday Service Choir

Usually, the premise of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” segments is that he needs help with his drive to work, so he recruits a musical guest to give him the assist he’s looking for. He does things differently on the latest installment, though. This time, he’s trying to catch a plane back to Los Angeles, and when his flight gets canceled. So, he reaches out to Kanye West and gets on a plane with him and his Sunday Service choir for the inaugural edition of “Airpool Karaoke.”

Instead of singing along with the radio, Kanye and Corden’s musical journey is backed by Kanye’s choir. Once the plane took off, Corden asked Kanye when he knew he wanted to begin his Sunday Service performances, and he said, “Actually, when I went to the hospital a few years ago, I wrote, ‘Start a church is Calabasas.’ It was something I had a feeling that I needed to do that God put on my heart, and now He just keeps on taking me to new levels and taking us to other levels that we didn’t even imagine before.”

Between performances of songs like “Jesus Walks” and “Souls Anchored,” Kanye and Corden discussed a variety of topics, like when Kanye knew he “made it.” Kanye said, “I was living my dream making beats for Jay-Z and also working on my raps. I remember when Virgin Megastore was still around, I used to love to go to Virgin Megastores and look at all the CDs and listen and read the magazines and go to the various sections, and I was on an escalator and I remember saying, ‘Breathe in this moment, because this will be the last moment that I can walk around in public,’ Because I had written the line [from Twista’s ‘Slow Jamz’], ‘She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson, got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson,’ and I knew after that, I wouldn’t be able to walk the streets for the rest of my life.”

Watch Kanye on “Airpool Karaoke” above, and read our review of Jesus Is King here.