Kanye West Has Reportedly Added A New Song Featuring Fivio Foreign To ‘Donda 2’

Apparently, Kanye West is keeping his promise to continue updating his new album Donda 2 for those fans who purchased it via his Stem Player. This past weekend reportedly brought the latest album update, a new song called “We Did It Kid” featuring Fivio Foreign, who is quickly becoming one of Kanye’s go-to collaborators after the Brooklyn rapper appeared on “Off The Grid” from the original Donda. Since then, they also released “City Of Gods,” which is expected to appear on Fivio’s recently delayed debut album B.I.B.L.E.

Kanye’s Stem Player release strategy has been controversial, receiving criticism from Corey Taylor of the metal band Slipknot and even prompting some fans to simply create a software emulator of the device to avoid its $200 price tag. The Stem Player is a small, circular, touch-sensitive disc that allows fans to adjust the volume on one of four audio tracks, which the accompanying app creates from the original song. This allows listeners to remix tracks on the fly and save their mixes, but there were plenty of fans who felt this functionality wasn’t enough to justify a purchase.

The strategy has also affected Kanye’s standing on Billboard; the magazine has refused to count sales of the Stem Player as album-equivalent units. Kanye celebrated this as a victory but failed to demonstrate how it benefits him other than giving him more ammo for his persecution complex.