Kanye West Forgives ‘My Brother Kid Cudi’ And Heaps Praise On Him

Recently, Kid Cudi went on an extremely negative Twitter spree that was directed firmly at Kanye West and Drake and any rappers who use “30 people to write for them.” Initially, Kanye’s response to this was a hurt and angry reaction. He even went so far as to say he hopes Cudi “never mentions Ye name again” and pointed out that his influence and path-clearing made way for the lonely stoner to shine.

But he seems to have done a 180 on that stance. Tonight in Houston, he said that he hopes Kid Cudi is doing well, called him his brother and said he is “the most influential artist of the last 10 years.”

Perhaps he’s taking first lady Michelle Obama’s excellent advice and going high when others go low? Whatever reason for the change of heart, even hearing the peace in his voice while he pronounces the blessing — and the crowd’s reaction — is enough to make my night a tiny bit better. #BasedYe my favorite Ye. That 10 years thing might be a bit of an exaggeration, but catching flies, and ruffled rappers, with honey seems to be a good move.