Kanye West Officially Announces The New ‘Jesus Is King’ Release Date

There was a stretch in 2018 where Kanye West was very active on Twitter. That was long ago now, and before today, the most recent tweets on his account were from January 1 of this year. That changed a few hours ago, when Kanye returned to Twitter and shared his first tweet in months, in which he revealed that his upcoming album, Jesus Is King, has a planned release date of this Friday, October 25. The tweet also includes an image that could perhaps be the cover art for the album, featuring a vibrant blue vinyl record that has the album title and Kanye’s name on it.

The tweet provides confirmation of what Kanye previously said during a Jesus Is King listening party a couple weeks ago, when he revealed that the album and the accompanying IMAX film would be released on the 25th. This comes after Kanye previously said the album was going to be released in late September, which of course did not happen, so only time will tell if Jesus Is King will actually be released this Friday.

Kanye spoke about the album and his new musical purpose in a behind-the-scenes video for the IMAX film, saying, “We here to spread the gospel. We’re not here for your entertainment. I’m an evangelist. So my music, my films, every conversation in every room I go in — we’re here to save souls, to save people from eternal damnation. I use art to make believers.”