People Think That The Newest Woman Seen With Kanye West Looks A Lot Like His Ex Kim Kardashian

In the midst of Kanye West’s ongoing public spat with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, some fans have begun to notice that one of the new members of his entourage bears a strong resemblance to his ex.

In TMZ’s new report about a listening party Kanye held this week for his new album Donda 2, it notes that not only was the party attended by the usual assortment of Kanye’s associates, including Drake, French Montana, Offset, and Travis Scott but there was also a model, Chaney Jones, dressed almost exactly like Kim Kardashian when she attended the E! People’s Choice Awards in December, with similar black catsuit, gloves, and stiletto boots (although Jones’ only reached her knees, contrasting Kim’s thigh-high pair at the awards).

Meanwhile, actress Julia Fox — who Kanye has reportedly been courting for the past month — was nowhere to be found, despite being lavished with extravagant gifts by the rapper just weeks ago. Incidentally, Fox herself sparked speculation among commenters when she deleted several photos of the couple on Instagram. Fans on Twitter also made note of the resemblance between Kardashian and Jones.

Kanye’s relationship with the original Kim Kardashian has notably deteriorated in the past week, as he appears to be on a crusade to convince the world that she’s been unfair to him. He’s accused her of blocking him from their daughter Chicago’s birthday party, putting a hit out on him, and preventing him from spending time with their kids, all while threatening to beat up her new man, Pete Davidson.