Kanye West Pulls Up To The McDonalds Drive-Thru In A Tank For A Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

Though there’s plenty of other headlines about Kanye West flying this morning, a sweet look at the “old Kanye” comes through in the form of a brief appearance in a McDonald’s commercial this Super Bowl. As so many brands gear up to try for a big hit during the annual commercial blitz, McDonald’s has landed on a way to gently roast their customers that will probably ring true for most people who have pulled up to a drive-thru, or stepped into a fast food joint, only to find themselves confronted with a massive menu full of options that suddenly knocks any idea of what to order out of their heads.

For the clip, McDonalds portrays patrons of all kinds encountering their menu and suddenly falling back on the familiar placeholder phrase: “Can I get uhhhhhhh” — something that will probably also resonate with plenty of counter workers. As if that funny set up wasn’t enough, the fast food giant also enlisted Kanye West for a rare commercial appearance in the clip. In true, over-the-top Ye form, he pulls up to the drive-thru in a best of a black vehicle, similar to a tank, only to find himself struck with a case of “Can I get uhhhh” along with everyone else. Check out the commercial, completely devoid of any beef or custody drama, up above.