More Reports Have Surfaced Of Trump Associates Helping Kanye West Land On Presidential Ballots

While fans await his now-delayed Donda album, Kanye West’s main focus has been on his aspirations to become president of the United States. After officially launching his campaign with a rally in South Carolina, which received mixed reactions from both attendees and people on social media, West briefly considered postponing his presidential run to 2024 before back-pedaling. Despite declaring his run much later than most candidates, West is getting quite the help in landing on this fall’s ballots.

A new report from CNN says that Republicans, some of which have ties to President Donald Trump, are working hard to get West on presidential general election ballots in a number of states, including Wisconsin, Vermont, and Arkansas. Another report from VICE confirmed, thanks to an email they obtained, that Rachel George, a top Colorado GOP strategist and longtime Republican operative, is do the same thing in Colorado.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that West was receiving help from the GOP despite previously saying he distanced himself from the Republican Party to run as an Independent, thanks to The Intelligencer. The report claimed that one of West’s electors in Vermont, Chuck Wilton, and his campaign’s Arkansas point of contact, Gregg Keller are well-known members of the Republican party.