Kanye West Is Reportedly Planning To Take His Sunday Service On Tour To Africa And Europe

According to TMZ, Kanye West is planning on expanding his Sunday Service touring schedule in the new year, looking to Europe and Africa as some of the possible locations he’ll tour. The outlet previously reported that Kanye was planning on touring the US with megachurch pastor Joel Osteen as well, bring their prosperity gospel to locations such as Yankee Stadium in New York and other venues in Chicago, LA, Detroit, and Miami.

Kanye’s Sunday Services have become a lightning rod for both positive attention and criticism in the past year. While his gospel-inflected renditions of his formerly secular hits have drawn crowds all across the country, including at 2019’s Coachella, some observers commented on the lack of traditional worship and teaching, while others have said that they felt exploited by some of Kanye’s partners and opportunists who have traded on their associations with the Sunday Service performances to make a quick buck.

Meanwhile, Kanye himself also tried to cash in on his Sunday Services; he was denied a trademark on the term that would have allowed him to sell branded clothing. Even though that plan fell through, he was still able to self-fund a full album of Sunday Service covers titled Jesus Is Born, which is out now. According to TMZ, Kanye is already planning a follow-up.