Kanye West Is Reportedly Planning A Yankee Stadium Show With Joel Osteen In 2020

It looks like Kanye West is planning to take hs faith-based works even further in 2020. TMZ reports that Kanye will join megachurch pastor Joel Osteen’s America’s Night Of Hope event at the Yankee Stadium in New York May 2, 2020. Presumably, he’ll bring his Sunday Service choir to provide the music while Osteen speaks. The rapper previously appeared on the pastor’s popular television broadcast for a sitdown conversation about his newfound faith.

Whether you think Kanye is being sincere or is just another snake oil salesman, there’ no denying that he’s at least committed to the bit. In October alone, he released not only his long-awaited album Jesus Is King (after removing a number of highly anticipated songs and insisting guest artists “refrain from premarital sex” during the recording process), but he also attached a film project of the same name to its release. He followed up with the announcement of a sequel album with Dr. Dre already in the works before closing out November with his biblical stage show Nebuchadnezzar at the Hollywood Bowl.

Although his recent shift to religious work has received a somewhat mixed critical reception, it’s inarguable that his popularity is still high enough to sell records the same way he always has. Osteen’s previous Night Of Hope events have all sold out, so it’s clear Kanye’s conversion will continue to be good for his pocketbook.

You can stream Nebuchadnezzar on Tidal here.