Katy Perry Is Back For Her Pop Queen Crown With A New Single, ‘Never Really Over’

Katy Perry is back where she belongs. Following her critically panned record, Witness, Perry has returned to making the ebullient pop that won her so many fans in the first place. “Never Really Over” is a burst of catharsis with an impossibly catchy beat.

In “Never Really Over,” Perry mourns a recently ended relationship, although she expresses doubt it actually ended. She makes the roller-coaster of an on-and-off, hot and cold (sorry) relationship sound like an absolute dream. While Witness overproduced Perry’s vocals, “Never Really Over” lets her voice shine, and she hits high notes most other pop stars could only dream of hitting. The song marks her second collaboration with super-producer Zedd, although he’s not an obtrusive presence in the song. It’s all Perry, and it’s brilliant.

The video is also top-notch. Wearing some killer ’70s jumpsuits, gowns, and adventurous eyeshadow, Perry searches for a spell or potion that will bring her love back to her. Director Philippa Price shot the video in beautifully saturated color, matching the brightness of the synths in the song.

“Never Really Over” is Perry’s first solo release of 2019, following her other single with Zedd, “365.” Hopefully she’s got more on the way — “Never Really Over” is the kind of song to launch an album with.

Watch the video for “Never Really Over” above.