Kehlani Admits To Occasionally Being ‘Toxic’ On Her Spacey New Single

Bay Area singer Kehlani has been focused on completing her second album while overcoming the ups and downs in her love live — one that can be seen in her last three releases, “You Know Wassup,” “Konclusions” with YG, and “Valentine’s Day.” After confirming her album was done in a tweet a couple of weeks ago, Kehlani shares was can be assumed as its first single.

Sharing “Toxic” with fans, both the title and timing may be a bit interesting with the Coronavirus outbreak, but Kehlani said fans were “gon have to work with me here” with the new single. The song falls in line with the subject matter of her “Valentine’s Day” single from last month, a single that addressed her breakup with rapper YG. “Damn right, we take turns being wrong,” she sings on the song’s intro. “I get real accountable when I’m alone.” Throughout the song, which features a spacey instrumental and a rattling trap beat, Kehlani reflects on the mistakes two people can make in a relationship — and how those mistakes can sometimes react with each other to make the whole thing worse.

Kehlani’s album still doesn’t quite have an official release date, but she’s off to a strong start ensuring that it’s had more than enough runway with this long rollout to really takeoff and fly high.

To hear the single, press play on the video above.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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