Kelis Issued A Response To The Bill Murray Dating Rumors Despite Telling A Fan She ‘Wouldn’t Bother’ Addressing It

Kelis doesn’t hold back when it comes to addressing rumors, always going toe-to-toe with super fandoms. However, when it comes to confronting the whispers surrounding her dating life, that’s where she draws the line.

Last week, the internet was set ablaze over a rumor that she was dating actor Bill Murray hit social media. Many found the alleged romance humorous. Now, despite telling one fan that’d she remain tightlipped, the musician is opening up.

One person asked Kelis, “Ma’am would you care to address these Bill Murray allegations?!? Cuz damn! What is he doing with all that?!?” With 171 likes on the fan’s post, Kelis replied, “LOL no, babe. I wouldn’t bother at all.”

However, the remarks didn’t stop there. Further down in the comment section, Kelis liked other users’ postings and even replied to a few. Her most interesting response was one implying that she and the actor were doing fine. “Everyone’s dumb and will believe anything, but the best part is we are both blessed, rich, and happy,” wrote Kelis.

Although Kelis did not flat-out deny the rumors, there is something about it that makes it incredibly insensitive: Kelis lost her husband, Mike Mora, with whom she shared a child, with just one year ago to stage 4 stomach cancer.