Kevin Gates Dropped Another Surprise New Single, ‘Push It’

Just days after he cleared his Instagram and dropped a new single, Kevin Gates is back with another new song.

“Push It” is a high-energy, frenetic track. Gates is one of the hardest-working rappers out there right now, and “Push It” shines with his ambition. As he raps about relentlessly “applying pressure” and pushing himself to the limit, the video shows Gates literally at war with himself. Gates trains for a fight with his doppelganger, and they battle at the end of the video before one of them finally drops. The video for “Push It” is a perfect visual representation of the song — Gates is ready to fight through anything in order to survive.

Gates’ surprise EP, Only The Generals Gon’ Understand, was released just last month, but it looks like the rapper is already gearing up to drop something else. (You don’t release two singles in three days and clear your whole Instagram for nothing.) His last studio record, Islah, was released in 2016. Gates has released five EPs, including Only The Generals Gon’ Understand since then.

Watch the video for “Push It” above.

Kevin Gates is a Warner Music artist. .