Khalid Keeps His Head Up In The Video For His Disclosure Collaboration ‘Know Your Worth’

As people around the world are spending a lot of time self-isolating in their homes, it’s an important time to keep a level head. Folks who are out of work or school might be feeling a little restless and perhaps unsure of themselves at this point.

That makes this the perfect time for Khalid and Disclosure’s new video for “Know Your Worth,” a collaboration from February that’s all about understanding your own value. The vibrant video features colorful dancers navigating an artistically lit room, with Khalid also moving around as he performs the song. Khalid sings on the chorus, “You don’t know your worth / All the things I know that you deserve / Say it’s not real if it doesn’t hurt / Find someone you know will put you first / Find someone who loves you at your worst.”

Khalid previously said of the track, “When I started writing this song, it was like I was singing to myself in the mirror. I feel like the message in this song is something that I needed to hear at the time I was writing it and I hope that it resonates with a lot of people who need to hear that kind of message.”

“Know Your Worth” is Khalid’s second single of 2020, following “Eleven.” As for Disclosure, they had a week in February where they shared a new song every day, which culminated in the Ecstasy EP.

Watch the “Know Your Worth” video above.