Khalid Requests One Moment To Collect Himself And Be ‘Present’ On His Latest Single

Khalid is set to release his upcoming third album Everything Is Changing at some point in the future. Fans are still awaiting a release date for the project, but so far the singer has given them a decent amount of singles to enjoy as they wait. They include “New Normal,” “Eleven,” and “Know Your Worth.” The singer now adds “Present” to the mix thanks to his latest release. The track captures an honest conversation between the singer and a special individual in his life that sees asking for a moment to collect himself and be “present” with them.

The track arrives after Khalid opened up about the completion of Everything Is Changing in a string of tweets. “I’m really sorry to keep you guys waiting for this album because I want it to be out more than anyone, so much that finishing it has became overwhelming and I need to find that joy again,” he wrote. “I started this album and I felt free, like creativity was pouring out of me. I have some songs on here I know will change my life. I need to get back to making music how I want to make.” Towards the end of his message, he added. “I’m gonna refocus, finish this album without stress, and put out something that I truthfully believe in. I’ma be me at the end of the day, that’s all I can be.”

You can listen to the new single in the video above.