Khalid’s Wants A Relationship To Last On ‘Talk,’ Which Was Produced By Disclosure

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Ever since his breakout 2017 debut album American Teen, Khalid has become a go-to collaborator. Now he has added another artist to the list of people he’s worked with: He just dropped a new single called “Talk,” and while it doesn’t have any features, it was produced by electronic duo Disclosure.

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In a video with Zane Lowe, Khalid explained how the collaboration came about: “I met up with Disclosure, they played me this crazy-ass instrumental. I hopped on it for sure and made one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of.” Lowe asked what the song is about, and Khalid answered, “For me, that song is just about… I feel like there’s just so much love behind the song: ‘Can we just talk? Talk about where we’re going before we get lost?’ Definitely the beginning, honeymoon stages of a relationship.”

Disclosure has experience producing for big names, as they’ve previously worked with Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige, Aminé, and others. That said, they have been relatively quiet since their 2015 album Caracal: In 2016, they released the Moog For Love EP, and in 2018, they dropped a series of new singles. Meanwhile, Khalid ended 2018 with a new EP, Suncity.

Listen to “Talk” above.