Here Is Killer Mike’s ‘High And Holy Tour’ Setlist

Killer Mike is currently on his High And Holy Tour, promoting his new album Michael. Most recently, he stopped at The Fillmore in San Francisco, while tonight (July 31), he’s playing the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. We’ve got the setlist — courtesy, as always, of — below. In addition to tracks from Michael, Killer Mike has also been playing tracks by Big Boi (“Kill Jill”), Bone Crusher (“Never Scared”), and Purple Ribbon All-Stars (“Kryptonite [I’m On It]”), on which he had standout verses throughout the early 2000s.

Despite very recently releasing a full-length album, Mike said he had even more songs recorded, including one featuring a seven-minute André 3000 verse. He followed up by claiming that André was working on an album of his own, but later insisted that he was only joking. Of course, with André 3000, anything is possible; even the Killer Mike collab that appeared on Michael, “Scientists & Engineers,” was nearly nixed by the mercurial Outkast-er until he heard the full version with Eryn Allen Kane’s vocals.

Check out the setlist for Killer Mike’s High And Holy Tour below.

1. “Down By Law”
2. “Shed Tears”
3. “Ready Set Go”
4. “Run”
5. “NRich”
6. “Talk’n That Sh*t!”
7. “Slummer”
8. “Scientists & Engineers”
9. “Two Days”
10. “Kryptonite (I’m On It)”
11. “Kill Jill”
12. “Never Scared”
13. “Spaceship Views”
14. “Reagan”
15. “Something For Junkies”
16. “Motherless”
17. “Ric Flair”
18. “Don’t Let The Devil”
19. “High & Holy”
20. “Thank You Lord”